Our services

We are simply a sash window one stop shop!

Sash window restoration

our highly skilled and experienced sash windows restorers will make easy work out of restoring your worn and rotten sash windows back to there former glory.

painting and decorating

once all timber repairs are complete then we will finish with primer and topcoat.

our timber services

from falling the tree, kiln drying to joinenry we do it all in house. we currently stock chestnut, elm, oak, walnut, pine and utile.
We sell timber to the general public and trade.

our shop

we sell all components to restore your own sash windows! we sell to public and trade
from latches to sills, we have you covered!

Little bit about us as a company

Sash Window restorations can you a lot of money whilst keeping the original character of the building when done properly.

we have a huge list of very happy customers, this a tried and tested service that we are & all our previous customers are extremely happy with.

All work is carried out but qualified and experienced joiners, sash window restoration needs to be done properly by trained and experienced experts, all around Cornwall I see terrible restoration work that will not make your windows last longer.

what makes us different from other local companies? 

  • fancy saving a small fortune on replacing your windows and doors whilst keeping the historical value of your property? probably.. if so then keep reading.
  • the combined knowledge of over 60 years in restorations.
  • we are very proud to say that we are the only company in Cornwall that uses our own hardwoods, we fall the trees ourselves and carry out all processes such as kiln drying and milling in house, this makes it possible for us to do the jobs at a lower cost and to a higher standard as we know exactly where the timber has come from and the history of the timber.
  • our workshop allows us to make up any part of a sash windows from lengths of sawn timber.

some more info..
This is a lot more than just a job to everyone at Carrara Carpentry, for me (Calum, the director) its showing that there is still a huge amount of skill still left in England, all be it the skill level has drastically reduced over the years because of mas production of so called bespoke joinenry products… there still is a company that can make windows from trees and that is Carrara Carpentry Ltd.

we have mastered the art of every part of the chain from falling trees to milling timber, kiln drying and obviously most of all the joinenry, we are all qualified and experienced joiners there simply isn’t a carpentry task we cannot complete however we do try stick to windows as the repetition allows us to be competitive on pricing.

Bit of info on coronavirus and if it will affect your job.
generally we remove the sashes leaving the box frame and take them to our workshop near Gweek, there we restore them and bring them back greatly reducing the amount of time on site. whilst they are getting restored one of the joiners will make up all bespoke components to your windows, for example a rotten sill