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Carrara Carpentry Ltd, Restoring The Past & Building The Future

  • fancy saving a small fortune on replacing your windows and doors whilst keeping the historical value of your property? probably.. if so then keep reading.
  • Carrara Carpentry Ltd have over 60 years of combined experience in timber restoration!!! this means that we have absolutely mastered the art of restoration! this also means that we can keep our costs down as we are so good at it! sounds fantastic doesn’t it?
  • we fall all our own timber from local forests so we know exactly the history and quality of the timber being used. this also insures that it is coming from sustainable forests.
  • we have our own wood kiln where we dry out our own timber, in the kiln it is monitored daily to insure that you are being supplied with local high quality hardwood that is ready to be used.
  • At the heart of our company is fantastic customer services and communication skills, from the moment you get in contact we aim for this experience to be a pleasant and without problems, with the customer services over profit built mentality built in to us, we genuinely believe that this is the most sustainable and long term profitable way to run a successful business.
  • We treat other people‚Äôs homes with the upmost respect and cleanliness, being sure to keep work  clean and safe.